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We are delighted that you are considering enrollment at Eternal Sea Kindergarten. To apply for admission to Eternal Sea, please follow the steps below.

 Admission FAQ

Q: How long have this kindergarten opened?

Our Kindergarten has opened for 20 years. It has been one of the best kindergartens in China since its foundation. At that time its Google click rate exceeded 500,000 per day, which was more popular than Liuxiang. It was reported by a lot of television media from HK, Taiwan, and North America. It enjoyed widely popularity in the world in those days.

Q: What academic systems do you have in your kindergarten?

We have a Montessori system which originates from Italy for one hundred year, Virtue Project from Canada as well as IB Programme

Q: What is IB?

IB is the abbreviation of International Baccalaureate. Students who hold the IB certificate of high school can directly apply top universities in the world, such as Harvard, Yale, Cambridge and so on. Any student who wants to attend IB school, either sate school or private school, is required to take strict examination and interview. IB system consists in three phase: PYP (Primary Years Program), MYP (Middle Years Program), and the DP (Diploma Program).

Q: What is the qualification of the teachers?

98% of our teachers have bachelor degree, of which 2 teachers have doctor degree and 8 teachers have master degree. Five teachers have overseas study and work experience. Many teachers have obtained training in Tokyo, Canada, Hong Kong, Peking, Shanghai, etc. The ratio of eachers and students is 1 to , which means 100 teachers serve 300 students.

Q: How many foreign teachers are there in your kindergarten?

There is at least one foreign teacher in International Class. They are from English Speaking countries. Meanwhile they hold the certificate of foreign expert and prove qualified in English teaching.

Q: How old are the children you are enrolling?

We enroll children ages from 2 to 6. The youngest child we have enrolled is 18 months young.

Tuition Fee

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